Photo by Graft Ground via Unsplash

Photo by Graft Ground via Unsplash

Recently on Facebook I shared a dream I had that left a very strong impression on me. When I woke up, I had a very clear idea as to what the dream meant. Here’s the dream. What’s your interpretation?

I was golfing on a small executive golf course with Tiger Woods, and he was playing terribly. I kept thinking I needed to get a photo with him so that I could share it online. I actually remember thinking in my dream that Bryan Allain (a friend of mine who likes to golf) would never believe that I was golfing with Tiger.

We were walking to the next hole and I finally worked up the courage to ask him if we could take a photo. He was very kind and suggested we take one at the next tee. We got there and I suddenly realized it was the most beautiful course I’d ever seen! The next hole stretched down a long hill and beyond the green, the ocean. Mountains in the distance. Amazing.

Suddenly, a crowd came out of nowhere and I was trying to take this picture with my phone, but my phone was suddenly an iPad and it fell to the ground in the melee and broke. I felt frantic. I had to get this photo taken! I sat there on the tee and tried to put the iPad together but I couldn’t. I spent the rest of my dream trying to put the iPad together. When I looked up, Tiger was gone.

So, any ideas? Here are some of the more interesting interpretations my Facebook friends offered up:

“Focusing on technology can rob us of even the most significant events. The effort to “capture” it can actually make it disappear.” – Ken

“You actually hate Tiger Woods.” – Jason

“Smashed dreams are overshadowed by the beauty of the moment.” – Elie

1) don’t miss the beauty (the scenery) in search of fame and celebrity (tiger). 2) dont wait to act, have courage or the moment might pass you by. 3) experiencing things > documenting things 4) play more golf with Bryan this summer.” – Bryan

* * * * *

Dreams are funny things. I certainly don’t think they all have deeper meaning, but I woke up with such a clear sense that there was a message hidden in this one for me. Immediately, I thought to myself, “I have to worry less about fame and notoriety and more about enjoying the course I’m on. It’s actually a beautiful life.”

Have you had a strange dream lately? Or maybe you think you have a better interpretation for my round with Tiger?