Six Reasons to Raise Your Glass and Toast the Internet

Photo by Kats Weil via Unsplash Remember when I started James Street Review last year, a site where kids review kids' books? And remember how it petered out after about two months because I had too many things to do? Well, my son decided to pick up the [...]

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What the Priest and the Nun Were Looking For – The Iraq Journals, Part 5

We drove up a narrow street in Qaraqosh, Iraq, practically an alley, and our driver stopped the van when he could go no further. A large group of soldiers stood at the entrance to the church, as if on the lookout for something, and they eyed up our vehicle. They [...]

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When Money, Fame, and Admiration Aren’t Enough

A normal night in the Smucker household. Can you find Poppy? Catch all our normal moments at my Instagram account: @shawnsmucker This post comes to you from the carpeted floor in the bedroom shared by Sam and Leo on the second floor of our row home in Lancaster, [...]

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Where He Was Going at 11pm #RideshareConfessional

Photo by Warlen Vasco via Unsplash I pull into the parking lot of the pizza shop in the heart of a local college town. The streets are dark. The shop is almost empty. It’s nearly 11pm. A college-age kid knocks on the window, opens the door, throws a [...]

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This is the Next Generation #RideshareConfessional

Photo by Nick Herasimenka via Unsplash The kid gets into the car. I pick him up from an orthodontist outside the city. Traffic is heavy and the weekend is close. “No, man,” he says into his phone. “What about Coby? We have to invite him.” He is quiet, [...]

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Now, Courage Looks Like This

Photo by Evan Dennis via Unsplash There are days when inspiration drips from the corners of my mind, when ideas crowd around and argue about which one came first, when I can type and type and type and the words just keep flowing. And then there are these [...]

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When the Taxi Driver Asked Me if I’d Seen the Movie About the Taxi Driver Killing Everyone

A bizarre thing can happen at night when I get called out to a strange area, drop that person off, then get another call 15 or 20 minutes further away from home, take that person to their destination, and then get another call. Sometimes, I completely lose track of exactly [...]

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