Where We Might See Each Other This Year

Photo by Rawpixel via Unsplash 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year. On July 3rd, the sequel to The Day the Angels Fell enters the big, wide world: The Edge of Over There. I have had such a generous response to the first book, and I [...]

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A New Experiment (or, Follow Along as I Write My Next Novel)

Photo by Eli Francis via Unsplash From John Steinbeck's journal entry on January 29th, 1951 [Monday] as recorded in the book, Journal of a Novel “Dear Pat: How did the time pass and how did it grow so late. Have we learned anything from the passage of time? [...]

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My Question for 2018

Photo by Roberto Tumini via Unsplash I'm entering 2018, not with a word, but with a question. * * * * * Leo is three years old. We walk into his room at bedtime. The city is cold outside his window, and the radiator at the foot of [...]

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The Man From Nowhere #RideshareConfessional

Photo by Patrick Tomasso via Unsplash It’s after 9pm in this small city on a week night which means light traffic, empty alleys. It’s cold outside. The long-haired, younger-than-middle-aged man slides into the back seat. He sits up very straight. He has perceptive eyes behind his glasses. Usually, [...]

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What the Woman Who Almost Died Said About My Book

"Have you read this book?" the woman asked as she picked up a copy of The Day the Angels Fell. The question was directed at my wife, Maile, while she worked at my mom's market stand. Mai was taken aback - the woman's question came out intense, pointed. Have you [...]

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The Hardest Part is Waking

One of my favorite writers, Kelly Chripczuk, has a new book of poems out called Between Heaven and Earth. What  I love most about Kelly's writing shines through in these poems - her honesty, her awareness, and her determination to pull the sliver of good out of every situation. You [...]

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“I Moved Up Here,” He Said, “For a Reason.”

Photo by Patrick Tomasso via Unsplash I pick up the teenage boy in the south of the city outside a house that sits on a dark, narrow street. He climbs in without saying a word, tall and lanky and barely fitting. We drive off, making our way around [...]

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