An Exciting Announcement and a New Season in my Writing Life

As Bob Dylan sang once upon a time, “The times, they are a changin’.” Have you ever felt your life slowly going in a new direction, even a good direction, but you still felt hesitant about the change because of the unknown variables? Maybe you had the opportunity to take [...]

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The Father Embarrassed by His Son #RideshareConfessional

Photo by John Price via Unsplash I pull to a stop outside a fancy golf course’s club house. It is late – midnight? 1am? – and the parking lot is empty. A man emerges from the shadows and confirms he is my passenger. He seems friendly, in a [...]

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Exit Through the Wilderness

Photo by Freddie Marriage via Unsplash Check out this guest post by my friend Zach Hoag, and then go buy his book, The Light is Winning, a book "for anyone who is anxious about the future of the church and their place in it." * * * * [...]

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Glimpses of Eden at a Funeral

There are a few really good souls in this world, and Caleb Wilde is one of them. We met a few years ago when he won a writing contest I held on my blog and, in lieu of the reward, he asked for coffee with me. Nice guy, right? I [...]

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When I Tried to Teach My Son to Ride His Bike

It is a warm day, the day he turns eight years old, and he eats his birthday waffles and drinks his birthday coffee - decaf - and while the morning sun in North Carolina burns off the nighttime rain, he begs to go out and try his bike for the [...]

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Embracing the Revolutionary Act of Trying and Failing and Trying Again

Photo by Kyle Meck via Unsplash. Yesterday, my friend Seth blogged about failure, and he penned one of my favorite lines I've read this year: "I’m making this request to the formula-peddling self-helpers (Christian and otherwise): Don’t just sell me your answers; show me your work." Now, I [...]

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The Main Obstacle in Releasing a Book

Photo by Laura Aziz on Unsplash The heat in Carolina is the kind that the trees can lean against when they're tired, which is most of the time, because the heat will do that to you. Thunderstorms bookend the sky every afternoon, sometimes sailing past to the north, [...]

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