What He Taught Me About Being Too Busy

Photo by Mauro Mora via Unsplash On the way to pick up a Lyft fare, I heard a DJ on the radio congratulate someone for winning a “snow-filled day of fun” at a local ski slope. It is February, but, unfortunately for the winner, it is also supposed [...]

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That Round of Golf I Played With Tiger, and What it All Meant

Photo by Graft Ground via Unsplash Recently on Facebook I shared a dream I had that left a very strong impression on me. When I woke up, I had a very clear idea as to what the dream meant. Here's the dream. What's your interpretation? I was golfing [...]

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When People Forget You’re in the Car With Them #RideshareConfessional

Photo by Pedro Miziara via Unsplash When you drive people from here to there, and when they sit in your back seat, it’s easy for them to forget you’re there. I suppose it makes sense, since a lot of people never even make eye contact with me. They [...]

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The Girl From the City of 25 Million #RideshareConfessional

Photo by Alexandre Chambre via Unsplash I picked the girl up on a gray day in January, much warmer than usual, the perfect day for Jose Gonzalez’s music and leaving the windows down a few inches. The sun started to break up the clouds. “I’m sorry, did I [...]

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Some Thoughts On La La Land and Living

La La Land. I told Maile as we walked out of the theater that I had tears in my eyes throughout the movie because the various parts about trying to make it as a creative person hit too close to home. There's a part where Mia and Sebastian, two young [...]

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How to Remove a Tattoo Yourself #RideshareConfessional

Photo by Don Ross via Unsplash I woke up thinking I could really use a sunny day, what with all the craziness in the world and the lack of sleep due to an overabundance of small children in the house, but the bright white lines between the shades [...]

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How I Rediscovered the Country I Know #WeWelcomeRefugees

"Is this Mohammad?" "Yes! Yes." "Did you hear about the refugee concert in the city tomorrow? Do you need a ride?" "Yes! Yes. Please." "I'll pick you up around 3?" "Yes. Okay. Thank you!" * * * * * I pull up outside a small duplex in the southwest side [...]

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