My 1000th Blog Post (or, Thank You!)


I cruised quietly past a mile-marker last week and didn’t get a chance to write about it, but I don’t think we celebrate things enough, you know? I don’t think we pull out of our daily grind and take time to enjoy each of these precious moments as much as we should. So I decided to rewind today and let you know:

This is my 1007th blog post.

It’s really all because of you folks. Let’s face it, I enjoy writing, but I’d also give up pretty quickly if no one was showing up to read this stuff. You’re a very encouraging bunch. Some of you comment regularly, a few of you comment intermittently, and even more of you tell me in real life, when our paths cross, how much you enjoy the blog.

I was at a small party a few months ago and no less than three people who I didn’t even know came up to me and told me how much they enjoy my writing. I was (as my dad says) as happy as a beaver in a lumberyard. Listen, if there is a blogger in your life whose blog you really enjoy, maybe once every year or two send them a message or comment on their blog letting them know how much you enjoy their writing. We don’t require much sustenance, us bloggers. A little encouragement goes a long way.

* * * * *

The other thing I love about you folks is how loyal you are. I didn’t blog for almost all of 2013, yet when I started blogging again at the end of that year, my first month back was my highest traffic month ever, by quite a large margin. So you were patient, and when I came back, you rejoined me.

Then came the time I decided to write a novel and float it on Kickstarter. You crazy folks showed up in droves and fully supported my Kickstarter project…I raised $3,500 in the first 48 hours, and nearly $10,000 total. Do you know how much this means to a writer? Can you even begin to understand how much it means to have a whole group of people behind me, cheering me on, encouraging me?

It’s what I always say whenever I talk about my blog: I may not have the largest audience in the world, but I’ve got one of the most loyal.

Thanks for that.

* * * * *

This blog has taken me to all kinds of crazy places, including Sri Lanka. Who ever saw that coming? I’ve met dozens of you in real life, and it was like we grew up together. You were with me through difficult times and good times, through miscarriages and births, through stinkbug infestations and way too many bowls of ice cream. Some of you joined me over on Instagram and continue to put up with all of my photos of Leo.

You are good people.

* * * * *

Can I encourage you with this? There are things I’m doing today only because I hung around this long, only because I was crazy or stubborn enough to write this. many. blog posts.

Find your thing, whatever it might be, and be tenacious. Don’t give up. Don’t let go. Keep writing, keep doing what you’re doing, one step at a time. One day at a time. One blog post at a time. Just one foot in front of the other. That’s how you get to the top of the mountain.

Did you know that if a helicopter could lift a climber from base camp and plop them down at the summit of Mount Everest, the climber would die within minutes because their lungs haven’t been acclimatized to the atmosphere? But a climber, making their slow, difficult way from base camp, will survive the summit, because it’s the trip that prepares them for the victory.

Keep climbing. No shortcuts allowed.

* * * * *

I don’t usually ask you to comment, but maybe today if you get a chance you could hop down there in the comments section and let me know when you started reading this blog, or how you found it. Or maybe what one of your favorite posts has been. If you leave a comment today I’ll enter you into a drawing and send one lucky winner a free, signed copy of The Day the Angels Fell and How to Use a Runaway Truck Ramp. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter  (and let me know in the comments) and I’ll give you an extra entry in the drawing.

So, consider this a huge thank you. 1007 blog posts. We did it, folks. What now? I guess we might as well keep going.

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46 Replies to “My 1000th Blog Post (or, Thank You!)”

  1. I don’t really remember when I started following you, Shawn. Couple years ago, I guess. Really do enjoy reading what you write. Don’t always agree, but usually you cause me to examine myself or my motivations. Keep on writing.

  2. I can’t remember how I found you – Twitter, I would imagine? What I know is that I still, years later, often think of your post on John 3:17. It’s one of my favorite things on the internet, and put perfectly into words what I’ve felt so often.

    I’m grateful for your friendship and your words. I look forward to both continuing for a long time.

    1. I think I may have found you first, Alise. Whatever the case, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you through the years. Thanks for persevering – I can’t wait to see where your writing leads you.

  3. This is really the only blog I check almost daily, and there has been countless occasions where you wrote something spot on that has hit me right in the teeth. Keep it up

  4. I think I found you through Deeper Story, and then felt led to contact you and share my story. I’ve been so blessed by your words and your prayers. Thank you.

  5. I found you through google. I think I typed “Christian bloggers,” or something like that. I was particularly looking for other dudes who blogged (since the blogosphere tends to be dominated by women…what gives? Dudes need to represent!). I read a couple post, loved your writing style, and subscribed.

  6. I have been reading for just a couple of weeks. I found your blog from Seth Haines blog. I have enjoyed your writing and will continue reading.

  7. It’s only been about a year since I discovered your writing, (thanks, Sarah Bessey!) but I’m so glad I did! I read what you post as soon as it pops up in my mail box, and often go back to it later when I have more time to ponder and process. Now I’m following you on Instagram (thanks for the link), so I’d say I’m a pretty big fan.

  8. Hi Shawn,

    I’ve wanted to write to you for some time now (and I may still send a longer message), but today’s blog post seemed like an excellent reminder to go ahead and leave a comment and celebrate this milestone with you.

    Your blog posts and general outlook on life and family are a weekly encouragement and inspiration to me. Your writings have been bright spots in my own personal walk in life.

    So congratulations to you on this day and I hope that you are able to bless us with at least a thousand more!

    God bless,

    1. Thanks, Benjamin. This blog has been a lifeline for me for the last six years, ever since my wife and I made the leap into this new life. So, thanks for joining us.

  9. Have probably been lurking around your blog about 3 years. Found it via recommendation by someone maybe through Deeper Story. Your gentle on the surface words drew me right in from the firsr read – love the profound insights you weave into the narrative. God to me is often more powerful in writing when He’s not mentioned by name, does that make sense?
    I read Runway Truck retrospectively & can see how that has made you the writer you are.
    OK if I continue lurking? :-)

    1. A few years ago, when I was blogging religiously, I’d auto-post my blog at 5am. And every single morning, when I woke up and checked my blog, you were the first comment. Every single morning. I’ll never forget that, Larry. Thanks for walking this journey with me.

  10. You know what, I think I’ve been reading since post #1 back with the no-tv-for-a-year commitment. I especially like when you share your poetry and in general just appreciate the realness and insight in your writing. I still think about your “Voices Calling” post and how that intersected with some of my decisions at just the right time. Congrats on reaching that milestone!

  11. Hi Shawn. I am one of those who were so thrilled when you went back to blogging. I can’t remember how exactly I found you, but I know I was searching for a blogger back then whose honesty can touch my heart, and you did. The candor in your posts inspires me; not everyone can be so honest with their struggles and encourage people as a result. Cheers to more of these inspiring posts! And can I just say I so love this thought in this post: “it’s the trip that prepares them for the victory.” And so, I’m sharing this in Twitter. Thanks for these!

  12. Yay! Happy 1000. I found your blog via Jay McDermond. It’s literally the first blog I ever read regularly. I’m certain that your willingness to pursue your dreams played a large role in helping John and I find the courage to step deeper into our own journey of faith.

    1. I’m excited for you and John and love following your journey. And having Jay as a common friend is pretty cool, too.

  13. Quite recently I saw a Facebook share of your article about showing hospitality to our children and was intrigued by that. I enjoyed the fair stories as well because I love stories of generations and faithfulness. Reading your posts encourages me to see below the surface of the business of life.

    1. I love writing about the fair, so it makes me happy that you enjoy reading those pieces. Thanks for your comment, Dorcas.

  14. As an elder fan, and Internet challenged, I am not a regular follower, but I am a great fan of you and your family. I keep a list of the names of your family in my clip board as my mind and your growing family make keeping up a challenge for me. It will help if we can see each other more frequently. You and Maile are my heroes when it comes to young parents!

    1. Woody, your kindness and gentleness are an inspiration to me. Hopefully Maile and I can get back down to Andi’s place soon and you can tell us stories from your hike and your trip to Alaska. All the best!

  15. I don’t remember how long I’ve been reading your blog, but I do know it’s been years. I don’t know you , but I feel like I do. I enjoy your writing so much- usually makes me think. I like your poetry too. I don’t usually comment on people’s blogs, so consider yourself special..You have a real gift in your writing. May God bless you and your family

  16. I don’t remember exactly when or how I first heard of you, but I do remember watching closely as you prepared for your journey in the big bus. Your experience was extremely significant for me because we were just beginning our own huge adventure. Listening in on your decisions beforehand as well as once you were on the road gave me/us courage in the tough choices we were making. And then reading the book about it afterward provided yet another part of my education in this journey and the writing about it. You have impacted me – my thought processes and my writing process – and I am deeply grateful.

  17. I am a painter who is inspired by your faith, perseverance and generosity. I don’t know how I found your blog but I do know that you continue to lift me up and gladden my perspective for another day.
    You don’t even know me but you encourage my creative journey.
    Thank you!!Sometimes I feel stuck in a loop of analyzing my life and experiences.
    If I could figure things out on my own, I would have done so already.
    Lift me above this trap of the past.
    I open my mind and heart to Your spirit now.
    Reveal Your wisdom in me that I might live the life You intend me to live.
    Establish a path before me that I can understand and follow.
    I follow as You lead.
    And so it is.

    1. I think we all need outside voices to clarify our inner chaos. I know I do. And thanks for that prayer, even if it was inadvertent. Beautiful.

  18. Mr. Shawn, Ever since I have messaged you on Facebook, and especially ever since I met you at the Refuse to Drown book launch event at Gap Commmunity Church in Feb 2014, I felt like you were approachable and personable… and like a big brother. Thanks for writing. Thanks for keeping on. Thanks for the encouragement you are to me. All the best on the next 1k.

  19. Can’t remember how I found out about your writing. But your posts in late 2014/early 2015 were especially poignant for me and my husband as we contemplated (and then leaped into) a huge transition for our family. “If You Constantly Think There Must Be Something More to Life” (12/5/14) hit the nail on the head for us!! Thank you!

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