My Latest Project: a Grace-Filled Book About Marriage

The foundation of a marriage forms long before two people stand at the front of a church and say, “I do.”

The foundation of a marriage forms in a little boy’s heart, when his alcoholic father tells him, “You’ll never amount to anything.” The foundation of a marriage forms in the soul of a little girl, when three neighbor boys sexually abuse her in the dark corner of a barn.

And, so often, the foundations upon which marriages are built are not strong enough to weather the storms that come after “I do”: tragedies, depression, and infidelity send shivers through the already cracked foundation, and too often the structure collapses.

But it doesn’t have to.

This is the true story of a marriage, told in alternating perspectives from the man and woman who lived it, felt it, and fought to keep it together.

* * * * *

This describes my latest co-writing project, And Then We Danced. It’s a project put together with Mike and Fi Lusby, and their story is incredible. Here’s how you can get your hands on a copy: arrange to collect one from us in person, purchase one on my website (scroll down after clicking that link), or order your copy on Amazon.

If, after reading the book, you’d like Mike and Fi to come to your church to share their story, let us know.

3 Replies to “My Latest Project: a Grace-Filled Book About Marriage”

  1. This books sounds really interesting. I have added to my books I would like to read this year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My husband, Amos, and I have both read “A Twist of Faith” written with your Aunt Anne, which as I told you previously encouraged Amos to go back and get his GED, a long-held dream he thought never possible of realizing. Now he’s reading, “My Amish Roots”, and relates segments of it to me each evening.

    We attended Mike & Fi’s class on “Love and Respect” and really learned a lot. They are so open and vulnerable, believing the truth, not only sets them free, but will enable others to be set free as well. I think this just convinced me to get the book. Thanks, Shawn!

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