Where We Might See Each Other This Year

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Photo by Rawpixel via Unsplash 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year. On July 3rd, the sequel to The Day the Angels Fell enters the big, wide world: The Edge of Over There. I have had such a generous response to the first book, and I [...]

Great Responsibility: Maile’s Thoughts on Intervening After Seeing a Mother Hit Her Little Girl

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Maile and Leo, in his first moments of life. After last weeks post about us confronting a neighbor who hit her little girl, we've had a lot of feedback, all over the map. Maile and I have continued to talk about it, and I asked her to please [...]

When My Daughter Found a Crack Pipe in the Back Yard

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There is rich, dark earth under these streets. I know. I saw it myself when the machines dug up the asphalt, replacing the veins of this city. So we went out into the backyard all seven of us into our small patch of green searching for that rich earth. A [...]

As if all I Have Been Created to Do is Make Noise and Crash Into Things

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This post first appeared at Nish Weiseth's beautiful old site, Deeper Story. I have an unbelievably fond place in my heart for that website and especially for the people who wrote there alongside me. I wrote some of my best material for Deeper Story, and what I wrote in this [...]

waiting for what else

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'you okay?' i ask for the seventeenth time that day and you humor me, smile that same old smile, as if the whole world isn't growing inside you. 'right as rain,' you say, resigned to the fact that this baby is not coming today maybe not tomorrow. forty weeks may [...]

The Sound of a Child Not Breathing Well

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This post is about Abra, but this picture is of Leo, in his new favorite place, fireside. There is the sound of a child who is not breathing well, the sound of inflamed airways, the sound of air-gulping. She comes into our room in the middle of the [...]

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Something New and Exciting

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For the last few months, Maile and I have been working away at a new idea, something we've been wanting to do for a long time. Today it becomes a reality. James Street Review is here. It's a site where children around the ages of 10 - 16 review books [...]

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