This Week’s Winners of “My Amish Roots”

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Today I’m guest-posting over at Ray Hollenbach’s blog, Students of Jesus. I love Ray’s blog because he has the seemingly rare combination of being super-smart and overwhelmingly kind. His blog posts are always thoughtful and rich.

Each Saturday he hosts a guest-post in which the visiting writer talks about one of Jesus’ parables. My post there today is a creative retelling of the parable of the man, the vineyard, and his son. It starts like this:

The old man bends over and picks up a handful of soil. Fertile soil. He runs it through his finger – it crumbles and falls heavily to the ground. The sound is like the pounding of the first raindrops.

All around him, activity: carts arriving with stone, hammers pounding boards together, and men shouting to one another. A high stone wall rises against the horizon. Inside it, huge green leaves drape down over the tiniest orbs: the beginnings of grapes. A tower rises in the center, overlooks the vineyard and the stone wall and the surrounding countryside. It is like the eye of God, the center of the universe.
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Merry Christmas!