When Christians Wrote Fairy Tales

This week, Jen Michel and I continue our correspondence. Here is an excerpt of her letter to me:

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You’re right to say that patience is required to live this life and bear its losses. To live well is to learn the art of waiting. As Christians, we wait for the day when death wrecks no more, when everything wrecked is repaired, when Glory itself returns to reign. It’s what the dark season of Advent is all about, the paradox of all that’s bound up with the expectation that this world will finally be set to rights: the loss and the longing, the grief and the great hope.

I remember learning how the Christian writers known as the Inklings emerged from the Great War with hope beating in their breast. Just when the world was reckoning with the fact that progress was dead and that humanity was capable of far great sins than thought possible, Christians were writing fairytales. A great irony, isn’t it?

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You can read the entire letter over at Jen’s site.

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What began as a Twitter conversation between two writers on creative work and family life has become an exchange of letters. Here is where Postmarked began:

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