Tell Me Something About You – Travelers’ Edition

In two days I’ll be hitting the friendly skies for a three-day journey to Sri Lanka. I’m excited, nervous, apprehensive…you name it. So today in the comments I’d like your answers to any of these questions:

1 – What’s the best trip you ever went on?

2 – What’s the biggest mistake you ever made regarding travel or vacation?


3 – If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Bon voyage!

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  1. Best trip – 2003 construction mission trip to Far East Russia. 15 hour flight to Seoul, 2 hour flight to Khabarovsk, 12 hour train ride to Vladivostok, and a bus ride to a church camp. Left JFK late Monday evening and arrived at our destination on Thursday their time. Made some forever friends – a couple from NY who were also newbies on the trip, and a Russian pastor and his family. In 2005, we hosted 2 Russian children in our home for 3 weeks. In 2006 we went back to Russia and finalized the adoption. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go back to Russia in a heartbeat :-)
    Best wishes as you prepare to travel to Sri Lanka. Get ready for God to blow you away with his beautiful creation and his passionate love for all people. It’s gonna be a wild ride! Enjoy!

  2. 1. Best Trip: any of my travels to Krabi and/or Phi Phi Island in Thailand — best place in the world.

    3. Anywhere in the World: probably New Zealand?

    Have a great trip to Sri Lanka!

  3. Best trip I ever went on, was when I traveled to Kenya on my own for 6 months to serve in a missionary guesthouse. Worst mistake: I took Lariam as a malaria prophylactic and got so incredibly sick from it, which lasted many many months, possibly years. Bottom line: I should have done more homework on that one and stayed with the tried and true drug of choice that has been used for many years with no side-effects. I would love to take my whole family back to Africa!

  4. Best trip: That’s hard since I loved the USVI, and I adored taking my kids to Disney World…so I suppose I’m rebelling against the rules already.

    Worst mistake: Allowing my husband to convince me to stay at South of the Border(Pedro on I-95 just South of the NC Border). We camped in our RV, and the whole place looks like a 60’s theme park destination on Mary Jane.

    Where I want to go: the 3 I’s–Ireland, Italy, and Iceland

  5. Let’s see.

    1 – Best VACATION trip was when hubby earned a free trip through work to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. WOW! Best OVERALL trip was when we travelled to Florida to adopt our daughter – we even managed a day at Disney World!

    2 – Biggest mistake (totally throwing hubs under the bus) was junior year of college when we and some friends took a spring break trip to the mountains and hubby forgot to pack any pants.

    3 – I would love to go to Ireland. Or Australia. Or Costa Rica. Or Italy. Or Kenya. Or Haiti. Okay, I’m having some trouble deciding…

  6. The best trip I’ve gone on was several years ago my wife and I went to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I even got a chance to go to the rainforest there.

  7. 1. Best trip ever was to Maui. Close seconds were trekking in Nepal, because waking up next to those mountains was amazing, and Bhutan – because it is so secluded and their culture is so intense. The Bhutanese people were fascinating and incredibly welcoming.
    2. Mistake: only taking two pairs of shoes to Nepal in an effort to save space packing. Hiking boots and flip-flops got really old really quick.
    3. I really want to go to Greece, Australia and Scotland.

  8. Almost half a century ago, I took a ferry ride from Point Pelee (near Cedar Point). The weather was perfect, the breeze refreshing, the scenery outstanding, and the island we visited was picturesque. And there was a girl on the ferry who not only was a knockout, but she was wearing really short short-shorts, in actuality not as revealing as many bikinis, but she seemed like a really nice girl and if she hadn’t been hanging off a Ricky Nelson type, I’d have loved to have walked up, introduced myself and shared polite conversation with her.

    I also remember a New Year’s week, I think it was, back in the 1960s, when the grass was crunchy with hoarfrost, and I walked the battlegrounds of Chattanooga and Chickamauga. The air was so cold, my cheeks hurt, but I walked alone, and I could hear the whispers of the soldiers who died there, asking me to check on the wife and kids, and make sure they were warm, dry, and well-fed.

    The biggest mistake I ever made in vacationing was in getting my hopes up. Groucho said he’d never care to join a club that would have him as a member. Similarly, I can’t remember a vacation I ever took where I wasn’t there to spoil the fun. I’d rather someone else take the trip, and I participate by reading his book, or in the case of Tony Bourdain, watching the tv show.

  9. 1 – What’s the best trip you ever went on?
    Cross-Country from Pennsylvania to California and back, in 15 days (2002).

    2 – What’s the biggest mistake you ever made regarding travel or vacation?
    Using credit cards instead of saving the cash beforehand. I often overspent on these trips and was stuck with credit card bills I could pay down afterwards. Now I try to set money aside ahead of time to avoid those charges.

    3 – If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    I’m ready to head back out West to explore some more National Parks! Internationally, I’d like to see Russia or Italy.

  10. Best trip is a toss up between Thailand and Ireland. I spent 3 weeks with a nonprofit in Thailand and got to travel on the weekends. Amazing, beautiful country. I echo James above who mentioned Krabi and the Phi Phi Islands. That was definitely one of the highlights while I was there. Ireland was wonderful in an entirely different way- conversations in pubs, exploring Blarney castle, a whiskey tasting at Jameson.

  11. 1 – Best trip was when I flew to Germany to visit my son ion the Air Force, mid to late ’80’s. Ke had a friend with a car who drove us to many places – The Netherlands, Belgum, as well as many places in Germany. Jimmy and I used the train severak times, as well taxi’s (now there you are taking your breaythe away – a lot like a rollar coaster). It was a wonderful time. Woke up one morning to quite a scare. German soldiers create noise why and where ever. The window in my room was beside outside steps,and I awoke to this very loud noise of boots and voices speaking a language I DIDN’T KNOW. The fact thst the last thing discussed the night before was Anne Frank, this all went together that all I could think was – they found me and are coming after me When I properly woke up, I felt so stupid. made for good tellingwhenI got back home.
    2. Worst was my first cruise to Bermuda. The water was so rough, and I got terribly seasick NOT FUN.
    3. If I could go anywhere it would be Italy, California or Hawaiii Shawn, Have a good, safe and enjoyable trip.

  12. One of the best trips for me was a trip to Hawaii with my wife. We were sent there by my company as a reward for performance. They put us up at an incredible hotel/resort. The sites, sounds, and smells were beautiful. And it was paid for by my company. Unbelievable.

    Have a great time in Sri Lanka. May God speak to you clearly through your time there.

  13. 1. Our 7-day cruise of the Eastern Carribbean Islands of St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten. The best part was that our daughters were with us on this trip.

    2. Our worst mistake…not taking our daughters on our trip to Cancun. We just kept thinking that they would have enjoyed this or that.

    3. Australia

  14. my favorite travel i kyak down the missouri river. the closeness to the water and the breath of water over the lip of the kyak and all that is calm, sometime my travel to grave yards to just feel the presence of those who have gone on and wonder how god has blessed with so much life that of all the journeys walking and listening to my surroundings has filled me to overflowing. my worse experience being in the hospital and watching my daughter of four years die slowly as a result of drowning and knowing that a part of me was connected to her and would never return, it was not an island or a country but its a place i visit and know and embrace for the growth it provided me in my life and my family.

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