71 Days in My Parents’ Basement, and the Poverty of Uncertainty

It is the 71st morning in my parents’ basement with my wife and four children. 71 days since we returned from four months on the road in a big blue bus. I wake up early and creep from the dark bedroom, trying not to wake Maile or our two youngest children asleep in the small bedroom with us. The door creaks behind me.

I sit at the small table in the main area of the basement without turning on the light and open up my laptop. It is the moon, and I make a list of the things I need to take on my upcoming trip to Sri Lanka.

You can find the rest of today’s post over at my friend Michelle DeRusha’s blog. While you’re there, look around – she’s a fabulous, inspiring person.

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Tomorrow I leave for Sri Lanka! Join me on the trip right here at the blog.