Maile and I have been taking turns sleeping with Abra at night. The high pollen count here in the outskirts of Nashville have been keeping her up at night, coughing and itching, so one of us sleeps with her in a separate room where she won’t wake everyone up, and the other gets a good night sleep. One night off, one night on.

Tonight is my night for a good night’s sleep, so I’m keeping it brief.

* * * * *

I can already see the grins creeping on to the faces of two of my writer friends, Kristin Tennant and Jennifer Luitwieler. Some time ago the three of us each wrote a post about community – I was the bah-humbug of the group, the grumpy old troll who lives under the bridge. In other words, they talked about the virtues of community, while I mostly slobbered and scratched myself and talked about how wonderful it is to be a writer because I don’t have to talk to anyone else.

So why are their eyes lighting up? Because today I have to admit that they were right. I was (mostly) wrong.

You folks – the ones that read this blog, as well as my fellow writers out there – came through for me in a big way this week. You helped spread the word about my book, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how things have gone in the first 48 hours of its official existence.

Nearly 30 reviews by fellow bloggers.

More Facebook messages and Tweets than I can count.

Even three copies sold in England.

Without all of you, the book would be dying a quick death on the virtual shelves of the E-book world.

So thank you, you great big blob of a community. Thank you for your emails of appreciation for the book, the more than generous posts and reviews, and the words of encouragement. You all made Tuesday a fun and special day for me, and I appreciate it.

So I’ll keep writing if you all keep reading.


Who knew?

* * * * *

If you still haven’t bought a copy of my new E-book, you can read ten reasons why you should buy it HERE, or read a summary with links to buy it HERE. Please keep spreading the word! I can’t do it without you!