Stuff Cade Says #3 (and some important announcements)

This is an ongoing series of posts in which I share things my 7 year old son Cade says that makes me chuckle. Or cringe with embarrassment.  It really just depends on the day.

The scene: Maile is driving the minivan from one random place to another.

The people: Maile at the wheel, Sam and Abra in the middle seat, Cade and Lucy in the back seat.

The back story: Cade and Lucy are pretending they each have a super hero.  They begin one-upping each other in regards to the powers that each of their superheros has:

Lucy: My superhero can fly! (said with a smug smile on her face; after all, what could be better than flying?)

Cade (obviously flustered): Well . . . my superhero has the power of Home Depot!

Silence.  Neither one knows what to do with this.  It’s as if the power of Home Depot can silence even the noisiest of children.


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT #1: So far, three of the speakers for this fall’s writer’s conference have been confirmed – check them out HERE.


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS #2, #3 and #4: I’m still lining up guest posts for the next couple of weeks so let me know if I can come by and enrage entertain your readership.

Tomorrow I’ll be guest posting over at The House Studio about circumcision, all-you-can-eat buffets and unnecessary burdens (among other things).

On Friday I’ll be at Brett Harrison‘s blog asking if we can be missionaries without leaving our keyboards.

I’ll be posting links to these each day, once they’re up, so stay tuned and join in the discussion.

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  1. Can I first say that the power of Home Depot – ROCKS! Hardcore, think of everything in Home Depot and what you could do with it in regards to “saving the world”. ;)

    Well I dunno ow big my readership is, but you are more than welcome to come guest post on mine :)

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