Stuff Cade Says #2

Cade says some funny stuff.

Just the other day we were standing in the kitchen drinking chocolate milk.

Cade: Hey dad, why did God give us clothes?

Me: (thinking the multiple answers to this question were fairly obvious) Why do YOU think he gave us clothes?

Cade: Maybe to keep us warm.

Me: That’s it.  That’s a good reason, huh?

Cade: Yeah.  (pause)  I know another reason.

Me: Cool.  What?

Cade: To cover up our wee-whoppers (this is a term he learned from his cousins and refers to his male anatomy).

Me: (laughing chocolate milk out of my nose) That . . . too . . .

2 Replies to “Stuff Cade Says #2”

  1. Too funny! Kids say the darndest things isn’t that what Bill Cosby always said?? Just the other day Jay was talking to one of the soccer directors on the phone and he turned around to see 3 of our boys twirlling their swim shorts in their hands, while they were in the pool. A few minutes later after Jay of course told them to get their shorts on, Zacchaues comes running into me in the house and says “mom can I go skinny whackin again that was fun”!!! All I could do was laugh…Kids sure keep the sense of humor around here going!!!

  2. A couple of my boys know clothes are the result of the Fall (HA) and will remove them as often as they think they can get away with it. As soon as they hear the word ‘bath” they get ready, even if a couple hours too early.

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