A Night In Indiana

It’s Wednesday night and I’m somewhere in Indiana.  That’s one thing I don’t like about GPS – I follow that lady’s voice blindly without ever looking at a map and end up with no feel for where I am in the world.

I’m out here with Jonas – he spoke at a large company meeting about forgiveness.  As usual, he did a great job.  As usual, numerous people came up to us afterward and talked about how challenged they were to think about forgiveness as an option.

The trip out here seemed rather long – I left the house Wednesday morning at 4:00am, drove the hour to Philly airport, flew two hours to Atlanta, had a two hour layover, flew the two hour flight to Chicago, then drove two hours to my final destination.  A direct flight to South Bend (theoretically speaking) might have taken a few hours.  On the other hand I could have driven, and that would have taken maybe 14 hours.

There are a lot of different ways to get from one place to another.

How is your journey to forgiveness?  Have you taken a roundabout route?  Are you still trying to find your way?  Did you fly there directly?

Whatever your mode of transportation, whatever your path, don’t give up on forgiveness – just be willing to make the journey.

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  1. I have 20 pages left in “Think No Evil”. After opening my eyes to the unforgiveness in my heart, this book has given me the courage to forgive. A must read!

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