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This is the Grandfather Who Sometimes Went Missing

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Photo by Sebastian Siggerud via Unsplash I write at my grandfather’s desk, the one with the top that folds down revealing seven small compartments and eight tiny drawers. The drawers smell like cedar and the [...]

What I Found in the Water

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Photo by Jordan Whitt via Unsplash These hot summer days remind me of when I was young, Leo’s age in fact, riding bike through the humid air on the farm where we lived. My friend [...]

The Day After

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Photo by Patrick Tomasso via Unsplash The day after always feels quiet, even if there are podcast interviews or books to sign or, as there is today, a book release party this coming weekend to [...]

S4E34 Growing the Deep Roots of Creative Self-Confidence

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Maile is about to re-enter the agent submission fray with her latest novel, so we take some time to talk about self-confidence. How can we tell when our own work is any good? What steps [...]

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