27 Reasons to Buy Any Book, Some of Which Apply Even if You Hate the Author

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There are many reasons to buy a book. Here are 27 of them:

  1. You have high hopes that a particular book might be the book that will change your life.
  2. You like the other things the author has written.
  3. You read an excerpt from the book and liked it.
  4. You want to be an encouragement to the author.
  5. You heard a great review about the book and you’re convinced it will be a good read.
  6. You’re bored.
  7. There’s nothing good on TV anymore.
  8. You’re looking for an alternative to arguing with relatives on Facebook about the current administration, and reading seems like a nice distraction.
  9. You think the author might be crazy and you enjoy looking for clues of that in their writing.
  10. You simply love reading anything.

Or, maybe you hate reading, but:

  1. You need a good doorstop.
  2. You need a decent paperweight.
  3. You want to have thick books lying around so people think you’re smart.
  4. You need a booster seat for your toddler at the dining room table.
  5. You’re super-rich and $10 won’t break the bank.
  6. You enjoy getting packages delivered to your door in two days or less because it helps you believe your Amazon Prime membership was worth it.
  7. You need another book with a navy-colored spine to fill in a particular bookshelf.
  8. You like to give books as gifts to other people.
  9. You like to give books as gifts to yourself.
  10. You love the author and want to help support his or her creative life (and his or her family of 8).

Or, maybe you hate the author, and:

  1. You think that if you support the author’s writing, they’ll keep writing, which you think is hilarious because you think they’re terrible at writing and by supporting them, they’ll go on humiliating themselves by writing drivel, which will make you smile.
  2. You think that if you buy enough of their books, they might become popular enough to go on a book tour, which might bring them to your town, which might give you an opportunity to humiliate them in real life, in front of other people, with difficult personal questions.
  3. You think most wealthy people are secretly unhappy, and if you help the author sell enough books, they might someday become wealthy, and, therefore, unhappy.
  4. You believe writers live tortured lives and want to help this particular author continue in that vein of work.
  5. You believe most writers never live above the poverty level, so you want to give the author just enough hope to continue. Heaven forbid they fail and take up something financially rewarding, like banking. Or a multi-level-marketing scheme.
  6. You hate the writer’s blog most of all and hope that if they succeed in book writing they will, for the love, stop sharing their blog posts on social media
  7. You think that if you support their fiction, maybe they’ll stop writing their poetry, which is even worse.

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