“Building a Life Out of Words” is FREE Today

I was looking through the ebook I published a few years back, Building a Life Out of Words, and I suddenly realized the things I wrote about happened exactly five years ago. It all started on September 4th, 2009.

So for today and tomorrow you can get the Kindle version of that book for free. It tells the story of how Maile and I lost everything we owned and moved into my parents’ basement. Oh, and we were $55,000 in debt…and I decided to try and make a living as a writer. It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

You can find it HERE.

(Also, if you’ve already read it, perhaps you could click HERE and review it for me on Amazon? Every review helps the book get more publicity over there.)

6 Replies to ““Building a Life Out of Words” is FREE Today”

  1. Not sure where I went wrong, hit the link, bought the kindle version with the only option I was given, one click and I was invoiced for 3.99. Was there a code or did you need to be kindle unlimited member?

    Not a huge deal, but I may not be the only dunce out there…

    1. Anyway, read a bit this morning and wanted to also tell you the book is lovely. It is filled with reality and hope which is not an easy combo to nail :)

      A bargain at the 3.99, but still wondering where I went wrong.

      1. I’m sorry, Jackie. It was only on sale Thursday and Friday. On Saturday it went back to normal price. If you’d like to return it, please do so and I can send you a free PDF version. I apologize for the confusion caused.

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