Not even politics divides our country as violently as the “when-to-start-listening-to-Christmas-music” debate. You have the traditionalists who, if they hear a Christmas song being played before Christmas Eve, go into cardiac arrest. At the other extreme are the churches who sing “Joy to the World” in their regular worship rotation.

Today, I’m settling it once and for all. Here are five reasons you should have started listening to Christmas music on November 1st:

1 – Waiting until after Thanksgiving to start listening to Christmas music is like waiting until you’ve already started peeing to unzip your pants. By then, it’s just too late, and you might as well skip it.

2 – When I was a kid, and Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer came on the radio, my dad would always kind of laugh, and then my mom would give him that look that asked, “Are you going to let our children listen to this violent ridiculousness?” And then he’d come to his senses and change the station. I would like to be reminded of this memory more than one month out of the year.

3 – It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown is a year round album. Seriously. I’ll fight you about that.

4 – The economy is suffering, folks! And it’s a proven fact that people spend more money when there is Christmas music playing in the background. Playing Christmas music in November = job recovery and national debt relief. Playing Christmas music for the owner of Papa John’s = good economic sense.

5 – I find that reminding my kids that Christmas is just around the corner (and beginning this process on November 1st) is a helpful aid in two-months’ worth of behavior modification, instead of just one (ie all that nonsense about coal).

When do you start listening to Christmas music? What’s your favorite Christmas song (and by which artist)?