I Feel Like Travelin’ On (VIDEO)

Another night of singing as Grandma continues to fade. By Thursday afternoon all eight of her children had arrived. Now everyone is here, and the waiting continues. Thursday night was the second night in a row that we spent the evening together, about forty of us. Her favorite thing is for her children to sing:

It’s interesting to see how the approach of death has brought us together. A few tears, lots of food, and lots of singing.

8 Replies to “I Feel Like Travelin’ On (VIDEO)”

  1. She must be someone really special to have so many people love and care for her – it says so much about who she is and who all of you are. Amazing.

  2. This is so beautiful – family, love, music. I can’t imagine anything more precious than being sung into the other side. She’s clearly well loved.

  3. LOVE this so much, Shawn. Some singers in that family circle, that’s for sure. Oh, how I’d love it if my family sang me home. Blessings as you wait, friend.

  4. I feel so privegled to be able to read your writings, like I am in on the start of something big. As I said before, though I am not a publisher, but an avid reader. It is those like me who buy and read books who might better be able to recognize talent, Shawn, you have it

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