Today I’m guest posting over at TV Asylum about how our Amish neighbor used to come watch TV with us. Here’s a little preview for you:

Monday Night Football. My dad and I chilling out on the sofa with a bag of Doritoes. I was nine years old, and in 1986 it didn’t get much better than watching football with my dad.

Then an unexpected knock at the door. We lived in farm country, with only a few neighbors, and no one visited us at 9:00pm on a Monday night. Dad gave me that look that said, “Go answer the door.” It was the same look I got when he wanted me to be the remote control for the television. (Oh, glorious remote control, you were only a few years away!)

I walked towards the front of the house, watching the TV over my shoulder. I opened the unlocked door. Standing there in the doorway, his hat in his hands, was an Amish man.

“Are you watching the Browns?” he asked quietly, looking over his shoulder.

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