Today’s guest post is brought to you by Alise Wright. She’s guest-posted her before, writing about the “Blank Page, Blinking Cursor.” Today she’s here to tell us about a book project for which she is gathering stories.

Lonely. Angry. On hold. Useless. Weighted down.

These are some of the words that people have shared about their experiences with depression.

For me, depression is a prison. It traps my body, keeping me from moving. It traps my thoughts, keeping me from creating. It traps my soul, keeping me from connecting. The real me gets locked away and instead I’m this lethargic, boring, detached person.

Last fall, I could feel myself sliding into that depressed spot. Despite everything in my life being pretty good, I was having a difficult time finding the ability to enjoy it. I could feel myself withdrawing from friends and that even when I’d had a good time with them, I wasn’t able to be fully present and would leave feeling empty. It was an unpleasant time.

So I did what I know I need to do when I feel depression closing in. I told someone. I talked to my husband about it. And I shared what I was going through on my blog. It was a poorly written, whiney post that I dashed off just to get it out there.

And it resonated with people.

Even though I felt alone in my struggle with depression, I was not alone. There were others going through the same thing. And by sharing even a little snippet of my story, it reminded others that they didn’t have to go through depression thinking they were alone either.

What emerged was something beautiful. An opportunity for others to share their own stories. A safe place where people could read and share and encourage one another with their words.

In the midst of something that can be extremely isolating, we found community.

But this community is incomplete. We need your voice as well.

I’m partnering with Civitas Press to gather these stories about depression into a book. If you have a story about depression, we would love to invite you to share it.

I know it’s hard. Depression has a stigma attached to it that can make it difficult to share honestly about your struggles. However, I believe that one of the best ways we can break the shame associated with depression is through the telling of our story. I have found that it not only helps others, but it helps me as well.

If you are interested in participating in the Not Alone book project, please head over to the Civitas website and download the project document. We are accepting submissions through May 24, so there is still time for you to add your voice to the collective.

No matter how it feels, you are not alone.