Stuff Cade Says #5

Cade is my 7 year-old son. He says some funny stuff. There was the time he suggested I breastfeed our baby, or the time he explained to me why God made clothes.

Just before we left on a trip to see Maile’s family, one of our daughters asked if Maile’s brother Ryan still had a dog.

Abra: Where are we going today?
Maile: To Auntie Kim and Uncle Ryan’s house.
Lucy: Do they have a dog?
Cade: No, their dog died.
(Then Cade turns to Maile with arms outstretched, a sudden and horrible realization spreading across his face).
…Cade: Why are ALL THE DOGS DYING?
So, if you have a dog, watch out, because apparently they are all dying.
* * * * *
Make sure you head over to yesterday’s post. It’s an experiment I’ve been doing for three weeks, where I write a continuing short story and at key moments let you, the reader, decide what happens next. You can read yesterday’s installment HERE and help shape the direction of the story, or you can read the entire story HERE.
* * * * *
Anyone giving anything up for Lent? Two days in, are you confident in your ability to go forty days without, or do you kind of wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into?

3 Replies to “Stuff Cade Says #5”

  1. I gave up snack and junk foods. I started regreting it about 3 hours into my morning yesterday. My wife gave up Facebook, which seems like cheating. If I’d known you could pick something easy I would never have gone with candy.

  2. Kids are cute. Gotta love the things they come up with. When my kids were little I used to keep a journal to record all the funny stuff they said. Cracked me up.

    One time, my husband and I were arguing at the dinner table. Nothing big. Just a talking disagreement. She put her fork down and got all serious. “If you’re going to fight,” she said. “Fight naked.” (She heard that statement at a bridal shower–I had no idea she remembered that). Needless to say, some food went flying out of mouths.

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