Tuesday’s Top 10: Junior High, Here We Come!

That’s right, I’m going there. Today we’re talking about the top ten things from junior high. Can’t think of ten?

Join the crowd.

I’m breaking them down into three groups of three: footwear, fashion and relationships. Deep breath. Here goes: the top ten things about junior high:

FOOTWEAR – this one is easy

1 – Air Jordans – did I ever own a pair of these shoes? No. Did I ever dream of owning a pair, soaring over the heads of my 8th grade classmates, performing a reverse dunk with my eyes closed to win the intramural basketball championship for Mrs. Reid’s class? Perhaps.

2 – Bo Jackson’s Nike Air – when my best friend got a pair of these in junior high I finally knew the true meaning of the word covet. Was that the first of the 10 commandments I ever broke? Probably not.

3 – Reebok Pumps – I did own a pair of these. I cannot recall the exact number of times I stopped a neighborhood basketball game to “pump up,” but I’m pretty sure the number is greater than 300 and less than 40,000.


4 – I may or may not have sported spikey hair for the duration of my junior high years. The spike is the coolest hair cut ever.

5 – I may or may not have pegged my trousers at some point in junior high, creating parachute pants out of an ordinary pair of khakis.

6 – I may or may not have had an entire wardrobe of Bugle Boys clothing

RELATIONSHIPS (many of my junior high friends read this blog, so I’m keeping it cryptic)

7 – The Note

8 – The Bus

9 – The Fieldtrip

#10 is still up for grabs. What’s your favorite fashion, footwear or cryptic relationship term from your junior high years?

* * * * *

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9 Replies to “Tuesday’s Top 10: Junior High, Here We Come!”

  1. While I hated pretty much every minute of jr high, I look back and laugh at the fashion. MC Hammer pants, skids, Kid n’ Play haircuts, stuff written into people’s fades, and girls with bangs that went up straight about 6″ from their foreheads. It was definitely the worst of times…hehe. I, of course, wore acid washed jeans, heavy metal t-shirts, and cute little black ankle boots and moccasins. Sooo much cooler ;^)

  2. I’m with Wendy-Jr. High was HORRIBLE for me, but I was also completely awkward.

    I def. remember basketball numbers being shaved into fades….I also remember Pump up sneakers, and light up sneakers, which amazingly still exist. Yes, I owned L.A. Gear light up sneakers. High tops no less.

  3. I remember owning Nike Pump Up High Tops. My mom made me pay for half and instructed me to never tell Pop-Pop how much they cost. He still bought his sneakers at Zimmerman’s for $6.

    The only thing cooler than the spike is the spike-mullet. And yes, you sported it…the spike, not so much the mullet.

    I also remember going to the High School Soccer games with my stone washed jeans rolled so tight that it left marks on my legs. We were so cool!

    Bugle Boys clothes were the totally rad!

    I may or may not be able to decipher one or all of your cryptic messages.

  4. Junior high was one sustained fashion disaster, even by the extremely low standard of that decade: I never managed to own anything at all that was currently in style, preferring French Club t-shirts, and being ten years old in seventh grade didn’t help. (That is its own, very long story.) I tended to run around with giant, unattractive cuffs on my jeans because I hadn’t quite reached my full adult height of 4’11.” But the cryptic relationship term is The Celebrity Crush. I had a few, but only one has lasted: only last night I watched a video containing this singer, and realized that the crush is still in full effect. Who am I to disagree?

    1. Ahhh, how could I forget about The Celebrity Crush? I will give a name to mine: Elizabeth Shue…

  5. I must add blue mascara. Shawn, you “may or may not” have worn this, but I definitely did. I’m pretty sure I find flakes of it in the corners of my eyes to this day.

  6. Me left with a doily in my hair circa 8th gradeToday was my little brothers first day of junior high school. I got to thinkin that I havent done a contest for quite awhile so why not celebrate my little bros life change and my apparent obsession with a junior high themed contest??

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