The Truth About

I’m writing this on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I’m having breakfast with Bryan Allain – he’s probably already ordered his healthy spinach and feta omelet, while I’m chowing down on my artery-clogging creamed dried beef on toast. That’s just how we roll.

While I’m on the subject, it turns out some of Bryan Allain’s “Truth About” videos make me laugh out loud. If somehow you’ve missed them up until now, here’s his first one just to give you a taste. Find the rest of his “Truth About” videos HERE (I can’t be held responsible if you wet yourself from laughing too hard):

By the way, for anyone keeping score, his last name is pronounced uh-lane, not allen. Seriously. I’m not joking. So if you’re ever leading a creative writing class and you invite him in as a guest speaker, don’t introduce him as Bryan Allen. Because he’ll tell you, in front of the entire class, that you’re wrong.

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