A Changing Church

Church is changing these days.  The post I wrote a few weeks ago about sin has had me thinking about ways the church needs to change to better communicate its message with a new generation.

If you go to church, what changes are you excited about?

If you don’t go to church…how would the church have to change to interest you? Different service time?  Different location?  Different message?  Different planet?

3 Replies to “A Changing Church”

  1. When we first started going to church, about 15 years ago, I remember a sermon that talked about the church being a hospital – a place for the sick to go to find healing. This image resonated with me and shortly thereafter I gave my life to Christ.

    However…..since that time I have discovered that the church (or rather, my particular congregation) has become more of a social gathering place, which in turn has become a popularity contest. There is the “in” group and the “out” group. More disturbing, there is a prevalent mood of judging others – which has resulted in a church body that does not see themselves as ‘sick’ and in need of healing – but rather sanctified and not wanting the sick to come too close.

    The message being preached is the same; the actions being shown to others is hypocritical.

    How to change this? I am not sure, except that I should find a congregation that feeds my spiritual needs, rather than remaining in the comfort zone of the familiar.

    Obviously this post struck a nerve with me. I did not intend to write such a long comment.

  2. There are so many different ways to think about this topic. There is the fundamental theological positions of communities, the logistics of when/where and who…

    A Christ centered community that is focused on healing its people and serving the community around it is attractive to me. How a place looks, how artsy it is or how good the music is comes way behind things like diversity, women in equal leadership, mercy ministries and a general outreach focus. A church that leaves room for disagreement on the “lesser” doctrinal points is very attractive, as well. So many amazing Christian minds have varied views, but if we focus on Christ, redemption and discipleship-the rest seems to fall in to place.

    Mercy, ministry, compassion, discipleship, community – that is what I am looking for right now, but with each life stage the priorities shift a little.

    No community is perfect, but we can all strive to help create a better atmosphere for growth, teaching and service.

  3. i love the church I have found in Austin. called, the Church in Austin. :) it is the most BEST CHURCH i’ve ever been to. its so pure and simple and totally focused on Christ. there is no choir, no performances, no dead rituals. it’s just Christ and the Spirit. the way its SUPPOSED TO BE!!!!!
    if i could change other churches i’ve been to i would say DROP THE RITUALS!! things we do that are DEAD AND POINTLESS AND WHICH DONT PLEASE GOD. like being a place of entertainment. that’s not what church is for.

    Church is a corporate gathering of the Body of Christ meant to praise and rejoice together and also a place of teaching and learning. So we do need to praise the Lord together, but a 100 person choir and 10 piece band aren’t necessary. the Lord wants to hear the voices of every member of the congregation.

    also, having Lord’s supper/Lord’s table/communion EVERY WEEK would be a great change. we need to remember His sacrifice more often not just once a month.

    also, encourage the congregation to set up bible studies and prayer meetings in their homes with their friends to get ride of the whole SUNDAY CHRISTIANS problem. we need the Lord EVERY SECOND AND EVERY HOUR AND EVERY DAY. there needs to be prayer and Bible reading in the homes of the members, not just at Church to maintain that CHURCH IS A PEOPLE. NOT A PLACE.

    thanks for asking.

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