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  1. Keep jumping over here from MJ’s fb…so enjoying your stories. Loved the part about trading the natural for the Supernatural and the world of possibilities. Thank You Jesus, for the Supernatural!
    Merry Christmas~

  2. Hi Shaun
    Thanks for allowing me to subscribe to your blog. When I read the above quote of John Irving my heart was sad all of a sudden for I suffer from a chronic disease that has changed my life to such an extent that without God’s love and grace I would never have had the courage to live it.

    1. I believe in miracles!
      I just read your blog about Psalm 144: 12….Zaviyth was a name giving to me 3 years after I came to know Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord….It was my spiritual name….I loved it so much, that I told myself that I will give this name to my first daughter (not knowing that I will have two (also one son)….
      This are hard years, my 3 kids are 14, 15, 16….my oldest, Zaviyth is going trough a tough time…..but latetly the Lord has remind me that he gave me a name…..and that I need it to remember the meaning….for me, is spiritual, for my daughter is both….very beautiful and powerful!
      Your reflection has come to my life in the perfect time….I am amazed of God’s faithfulness….He is a Good God, and a tender Father….

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