NEW EPISODE! S3E13: Childhood Creativity and Maile’s Inappropriate Christmas Story

We talk about the benefits of creativity for children and adults. Maile gushed over a new children’s Christmas book and shares about an inappropriate Christmas story she wrote when she was in second grade. Shawn doesn’t care about the world anymore because he has his own office in the basement. And they reveal the identity of their next guest on the show–a real doozy.

Mentioned on the show:

The Importance of Creativity in Childhood Development
Creativity: A Strategic Necessity
All the Colors of Christmas by Matthew Paul Turner
Boundary Waters by William Kent Kreuger

* * * * *

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One Reply to “NEW EPISODE! S3E13: Childhood Creativity and Maile’s Inappropriate Christmas Story”

  1. I laughed outloud on your mention of Berenstain Bear books: I hide the Berenstain Bear books when the grandchildren come. What is it about the books that the kids love so much?? I would love that secret.

    I’ll add this, from your mention of the writers; the two parents are now deceased, and the writing is all done by Mike Berenstain, who I got to interview a couple years ago.

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