Offering Something to the World that Matters

Today, Jen Pollock Michel writes to me about the power of words:

“In recent months, the work of words often did not feel like “enough.” If people are building hospitals, feeding starving children, conducting important diplomatic efforts, running companies, of what real use am I in front of this laptop? It’s felt a bit immaterial, like I’m offering something to the world that matters a whole lot less than the really solid things that can be named and accounted for. But with the world as it currently is, I’m sensing anew the power of words, both the healing words and the reckless words. I’m starting to believe again that it matters: taming those wriggling words and offering them up to the world, however they are received.”

Read her entire letter HERE.

* * * * *

Today, we’re also releasing a BRAND NEW PODCAST EPISODE. We speak with our creative doppelgangers, another couple trying to make it work in the freelance world. Leslie Verner is an author, freelance writer, and speaker, and her husband Adam is a book narrator. That’s right. He has the dream job of reading books FOR A LIVING. We talk about how to make it in the creative world, what it’s like living with another creative person, and serving the reader versus serving the work.

Listen to our newest episode HERE.