NEW EPISODE: In Which Shawn Confesses, Maile Talks About Depression, and Revisions are in Order

Before I tell you about today’s episode of The Stories Between Us

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In this new podcast episode, Shawn has a confession to make, Maile talks through her latest bout with depression, and she reflects on how writing gave her a place to go. They both talk about the need for creative types to shift from wanting only affirmation to also wanting critique that will help us all make better stuff. They explore who specifically to go to for feedback on early drafts of your creative work.

And all of this from the comfort of their brand new studio: a Disney princess tent that they can barely fit inside.

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15 Replies to “NEW EPISODE: In Which Shawn Confesses, Maile Talks About Depression, and Revisions are in Order”

  1. I have shared this on Facebook, Twitter and made a board on Pinterest.
    Congratulations on your book.

  2. As one who also battles depression, I found this episode comforting. Thank you for your honesty!

    I shared it on Twitter. I hope others can also learn from you!

  3. I shared on Twitter at TeaandBooks. I am looking forward to reading this next book!

  4. I shared in my Instagram account: @Bethgormong

    Thanks for the giveaway. I learned so much from the novel writing class I took from you at Montrose. Your podcast is in my “Friends” playlist even though you have no idea who I am, just because I’ve met you in person. Makes me feel important.

    Maile, what a beautiful voice!

  5. Can’t wait for the book! Love that you shared a photo of Maile in the Disney princess tent. Shared on my Facebook page already and plan to share on Twitter and Instagram later.

  6. Shared both pages. I can hardly wait for the book! Be safe… that’s an order

  7. Shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Looking forward to settling into a quiet corner and listening to the podcast. Thanks for touching on the topic of depression.

  8. I just shared on Twitter (@Volunteerval). Important information – thank you for your vulnerability.

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