Season Two of “The Stories Between Us” Has Arrived!

Season 2 of The Stories Between Us is LIVE!

Maile discloses new life-changing routines. Shawn admits to a certain shopping mall food court obsession. They reveal the creativity book of the month they’ll be discussing over at their Patreon page. And Maile has all the connections.

* * * * *

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2 Replies to “Season Two of “The Stories Between Us” Has Arrived!”

  1. I’ve started a new routine and totally agree that creativity makes you feel better in and of itself. I was stuck. I started in. I found documents I was looking for to help me. Will say more later on my own blog but you two just may help unstuck other writers. I’ll probably never write fiction so no worries there from me (ha!) but I feel I have at least one more nonfiction book worth writing/reading in me, so we’ll see. :-) Keep plugging away, Maile. If you all ever do a book signing in Harrisonburg, I’ll come! Happy New Year.

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