The No-Holds-Barred Podcast About Jealousy Between Married Writers

This is it, the episode we’ve been putting off.

Maile reflects on how a recently-watched episode of the Berenstain Bears having to do with envy reflected some of her feelings of jealousy towards Shawn and where he is in his writing journey. Shawn admits his cluelessness about various aspects of their marriage. It’s also an episode where they talk about important questions that have come up in their lives.

Maile asks, “What am I doing to feel alive in my own right?”

Sam asked, “I thought Mom went to college to be a mom?”

There is the difficult conversation. And the even more difficult conversation. All in one episode.

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2 Replies to “The No-Holds-Barred Podcast About Jealousy Between Married Writers”

  1. This is an amazing episode. Maile is a natural for podcasting – so real and honest, poised and personable. Just can’t wait to hear more from her!
    Ps – you’re good too Shawn

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