Some Thoughts on Tight-Lipped Saints Who Don’t Self-Promote

I know I say this every week, but I think today’s letter from Jen is my favorite:

“Dear Shawn,

. . . I’d love to get your thoughts on something that I recently saw on social media. A husband of someone who had recently published a book posted this: “My wife is far too classy and has more important things to say than to use her platform to constantly try and sell her books. I however, have no class and nothing better to say. I apologize in advance for the next few months (year?). ORDER HER BOOK HERE.” The insinuation was so familiar, so awful. It’s this idea that there’s something suspicious, if not sleazy, about working hard to sell your books. It’s this assumption that the angels among us don’t have too. These tight-lipped saints choose the moral high road—in this case, silence about the books they publish—and their books grow wings and fly into the hands of paying customers.”

You can read the rest of the letter HERE.

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What began as a Twitter conversation between two writers on creative work and family life has become an exchange of letters. Here is where Postmarked began:

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