Life in the Making Takes a Lifetime to Make

Today, Jen Pollock Michel and I continue our ongoing correspondence about creativity and writing. In her latest letter to me, she writes,

“I fear that most of us, me included, want a glossy, sparkly faithfulness. We want to stage it for Instagram. We want our work, whether in marriage or parenting or friendship or ministry or professional vocation, to be as effortless as instant coffee. We don’t want to be patient. But if it’s true that most of faithfulness is found in the gritty in-between, we’re going to have to accommodate ourselves to the idea that a life in the making takes a lifetime to make. Faithfulness requires a slow and steady hand.”

To read the rest of her letter to me, head over to Jen’s website.

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What began as a Twitter conversation between two writers on creative work and family life has become an exchange of letters. Here is where Postmarked began:

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