In Which Maile Hears Back from a Literary Agent

A few weeks ago, I came home and realized that Maile needed to get out of the house. ASAP. So, we fled to one of our favorite restaurants, at which point Maile looked at me and proceeded to burst into tears.

We had a long, hard conversation about being a mom and a writer was going for her.

Also, Maile heard back from an agent.

Today, we talk about it all on the podcast. To listen, click on the play button in the image above, go to our website, or listen on Apple podcasts.


One Reply to “In Which Maile Hears Back from a Literary Agent”

  1. Thank you. So much of what you said resonated. Six kids. Rarely the time to do the thing on my heart that makes me come alive. Always having to put aside my dreams for the sake of serving my children. Never enough to meet their demands. Five a.m. mornings in an attempt to find some space for creativity. Gah! I was encouraged by listening to you (and I wish I could sit down and have a coffee with you).

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