The Inside Scoop on Our Podcast (and How You Can Help)

We’re starting a Patreon community! If you know what that is and want to join us, head HERE. If you want to find out more, keep reading…

Tomorrow is a big day–it’s the official launch of our podcast, The Stories Between Us! Maile and I have been having so much fun recording our thoughts and hopes (and discouragements) when it comes to creativity (with six kids in the house), publishing, and the writing life. These are conversations we had all the time even before we started the podcast–we figured we might as well share them with you.

Here are a few reasons I think you’ll love it:

1) Maile is fantastic–she’s honest, she goes straight to the point, and she asks me really poignant questions that make me uncomfortable

2) We talk about tough stuff that creative folks encounter, things like rejection, feeling inadequate, and jealousy (which is even tougher when the person you’re jealous of is your spouse)

3) At the end of a recent episode, Leo (who we thought was asleep), shouted down from upstairs, “Mom! Dad! I have to make a poop!”

4) Our main hope is to be an encouragement to anyone who is trying to live a creative life

So, how can you help? I’m glad you asked.

I’ve been blogging off and on for ten years now, and I’ve released a few free ebooks, and every month I send out a free newsletter. Now, Maile and I are releasing a free podcast. That’s a lot of content.

If you’ve enjoyed my writing through the years, or if you’re excited for our podcast, you can join our Patreon community and help us cover a few small start-up expenses (microphone, sound-editing app) along with some ongoing costs (podcast hosting). You can donate as little as $1 a month and we’ll love you forever. For $5 a month, you’ll have access to the Stories Between Us community and receive bonus content including blog posts and videos as well as have access to Maile and me and everyone else in the community. There are other options as well, some that even include monthly writing coaching from yours truly.

Anyway, if you’re interested in helping to fund our ongoing work, you can find out how to do that HERE.

Stay tuned tomorrow for links to our first podcast episode, and thanks so much for journeying with us for the last ten years!