In Which I’m Doing Something I’ve Never Done Before


This is new territory for me.

For the last few months, Bryan and I have been working hard on a new project, Live Better, Write Better. It’s a six-week exploration of simple practices that will improve your writing and your life. We talk about things like the importance of finishing stuff (and how to do that more consistently), practicing silence, finding your community, and more.

Today you can sign up at the early-bird price. For only $47, you get:

– Six weekly videos in which Bryan and I discuss the Live Better Write Better writing practice for the week
– One to two emails each week expounding on the practices and encouraging you with practical ways to move forward
– Access to a private Facebook group (that Bryan and I will be active in) to further discuss the Live Better, Write Better practices and meet other writers.
– Other fun surprises

The $47 early-bird pricing is for today and tomorrow only. Wednesday at midnight we’ll close down registration for a week and reopen it next week at the regular $79 price. You can head HERE to sign up or find out more about the course.

Thanks for listening. I’m actually kind of uncomfortable selling stuff in this space, simply because I love you guys as an audience and never want to take advantage of your time, but I’m really happy with the conversations Bryan and I are recording, and I think it will help writers improve their craft, be encouraged, and move forward. Soon, I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled posts, including an update on the publishing journey I’m currently on with The Day the Angels Fell. It’s been an interesting three months, full of disappointments and small sparks of hope. I can’t wait to tell you about it.

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