Why I’m Highly Skeptical of Writing Courses (and Why I’m Offering One)

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So. This is awkward.

Ask just about any one of my close writer friends how I feel about online writing courses, and most of them will tell you I think online writing courses are rubbish. For the most part. Not all of them, of course: my friend Andi offers great writing courses with a foundation based on community. Ed Cyzewski’s books on writing and faith are on par with the highest quality books out there on the topic. My friend Tsh has offered incredible content, not focused solely on writing but on things that, directly and indirectly, have had an impact on my writing and my life.

There are good courses out there.

Not too long ago, a well-known writer friend of mine asked me, “Why don’t you do a writers’ course? You’ve actually written stuff! That puts you way ahead of most people offering courses.” We had a good laugh about it, but I filed his suggestion away in my brain.

Then, a few weeks ago, Bryan Allain asked me if I’d consider putting together a writers’ course with him. The video below explains our thought process as well as my answer.

So yeah, if you think Bryan is right and want to let him know that we should offer a course, do that here.

Or if you think he’s not right, or you think I’m handsome, or you just feel bad for me, click here.

Or if you just want to stay in the loop and be first to know when we announce the project, let us know where to send those updates by filling in the short form below:

One Reply to “Why I’m Highly Skeptical of Writing Courses (and Why I’m Offering One)”

  1. So . . . . as not to show favoritism, I replied to both Shawnishandsome and Bryanisright. Why? Bryan is right, Shawn is handsome.

    I’ve had some moments in my life that have changed me forever. That changed my perspective on my life. All events thereafter were based on those moments that seemed to shatter me. Such as, ‘oh, that was before my teenager died or that
    was after my husband was violently stabbed by a poacher’.

    My husband & I spent about 2 years speaking at churches, schools, & groups about how we had live both sides now. A miracle did not happen for one, but the other was saved miraculously. All the same people praying. We did not speak as ones who had the answers. We. Did. Not, We were speaking as ones who had been shattered but were whole. As ones who had experienced being in the presence of God even as the death angel was circling.

    Writing helped me. I started blogging as an outlet. I haves blogged for 3 years. I’ve now retired as a RN. Id like my story told to my child, my grandchild, & great grandchildren. God is all over within that story. I’m not looking for a bestseller book. I’m looking for a story to be handed down through my family. I want them to know that God is who he said he is, regardless the outcome.

    I love to laugh. I love to play. I love to write. Writing has helped untangle the words & feelings within me.

    Truthfully – you had me at cheap or reasonably priced. It was the ‘no promise of success’ that clinched it.. Haha I love your sense of humor.

    Sorry, you only asked for a comment, but received enough to make your eyes roll.

    I really tried NOT to comment. But a message rudely popped up and said ‘Error. Leave a comment’. You asked for it.

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