What Do Children Think About Death?

Photo by Greg Ortega via Unsplash

Today we release Episode 02 of The Story of My Death, and it’s a poignant one. Listen in as we speak with Scott and Joy Bennett about their daughter Elli and her difficult entrance into the world. Their children, Sam and Anna, give us a unique, first person account of what it’s like for children who lose a sibling. In the words of Scott:

“You’ll want to listen to this interview when it releases tomorrow. Sam and Anna shared some deep things with Shawn and Caleb about their personal experience of losing Elli that they had never shared in as much detail with us. It’s pretty special.”

As usual when hearing these stories, there is sadness and heaviness, but there is also hope and peace.

A huge thanks to the Bennetts for sharing their story, as well as to our sponsor Wilde Funeral Home. The music in this episode was provided by Jake Lewis.

Check out Episode 02 HERE.