Our Podcast, The Story of My Death, is Here!


“I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” Woody Allen

A few months ago, or so the story goes, I sent a text to Bryan Allain (podcaster, blogger, humorist, friend) and Caleb Wilde (author, blogger, funeral director, friend).

Let’s start a podcast, I said.

It will be fun, I said.

What’s your idea? one of them asked.

It could be a podcast about death, I said.

*Insert sound of crickets chirping*

Surprisingly, they agreed. We called it The Story of My Death, and today Episode 00 is available. Why “00”? Well, this is kind of an introductory episode where we talk about why we’re doing it, what we hope to accomplish by telling stories about death, and why Caleb has an insatiable hunger (literal, not metaphorical). We also get into why we’re a little nervous about having a podcast in which people tell stories about death.

So, welcome to our podcast! I can’t wait to share the stories we’ve been collecting. Pretty incredible stuff.

If you’d like to listen to Episode 00 over at the Story of My Death website, you can do that HERE.

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So get listening. And a huge thanks to Wilde Funeral Home for sponsoring the first three episodes and to the talented Jake Lewis for providing the music.