Do I Provide Hospitality to My Children?

IMG_0214Write an article about providing hospitality to your children: this was the intriguing gauntlet thrown down by Kris Camealy, my friend and fearless leader over at Grace Table, a wonderful website with beautifully written articles about faith and food and all manner of things. Here’s a snippet of what I wrote:

On long afternoons, my boys and I, we go into the back alley behind our house on James Street and throw baseball in the shadow of an old warehouse-turned-apartment building. When cars come through the alley, we step aside and watch them pass. I nod. My sons give small, uncertain waves. When one of us misses the ball, we race towards Prince and wait for the traffic to stop before scurrying between the cars and retrieving it.

The ball thuds into our leather gloves and it sounds exactly like it did thirty years ago, when my dad and I played catch on the candy-green grass. It remains a conversation of sorts, and the red seams still spin like the rings of a planet.

To read the rest of the post, head on over to Grace Table. And while you’re visiting, leave a comment, then have a look around. There are some wonderful pieces of writing there.