That Thing I Love About My Church


I am new to this mainline church experience, this liturgy, this Book of Common Prayer. My children and I still gawk at the stained glass on Sunday mornings when the sun explodes on the other side of those angels and saints. I take the wafer every Sunday with a little bit of nervousness, a little bit of uncertainty. I still hold the cup like an egg that might break.

We have been at this wonderful place, St. James Episcopal Church, for almost a year now. And there’s always been something about it that I liked but couldn’t quite verbalize.

Until Holy Week.

We talk a lot about the problems we have with The Church in general, but this week I’m heading up a series over at The High Calling about what our churches do well. In the rest of this blog post, I reveal one of my favorite things about St. James Episcopal Church – you can read that HERE. (Stay tuned next Sunday for my absolute favorite thing.)