Friday Favorites: A Free Concert, A Writer, a Free Podcast, and a Free eBook

These people will make your life better.

1) For those of you within striking distance of Lancaster, one of my favorite bands, Jake Lewis and the Clergy, are playing a free concert at Binns Park. That’s right, free! Opening act is Atrain Xpress, and they start at 6pm, followed by Jake Lewis and the Clergy at 7pm. Check out their Facebook page HERE (and buy all the albums).

2) There are a ton of people on the Internet writing about writing, and half of them don’t know what they’re talking about. The other half are just regurgitating Anne Lamott or Natalie Goldberg. A handful are helpful writers with genuine contributions and unique insights into the writing life and process. One of these really helpful writers is Eric Wyatt. Check out his blog here: Words Matter.

3) A friend of mine, Preston Yancey, recently started a podcast. It’s on my listening list for today, and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about “diverse topics within the Christian tradition and how they relate to everyday faith.” Check out his podcast here: Something Rather Than Nothing.

4) Finally, want to travel the world for free? Check out Tyler Stanton and Bryan Allain’s FREE eBook, “27 Tricks, Tips, and Busted Myths.” It’s all about travel hacking and how to trot the globe for no dollars. Get your copy HERE.

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