Do You Know the Chance Family? #100Words

Today’s #100Words comes from another book that definitely falls into my list of top five novels of all time.
The Brothers K by David James Duncan is a beautiful story of baseball, family, and the tragedy of war. Here are the first 100 words:

Papa is in his easy chair, reading the Sunday sports page. I am lying across his lap. Later he will rise to his feet and the lap will divide into parts – plaid shirt, brown leather belt, baggy tan trousers – but for now the lap is one thing: a ground, a region, an earth. My head rests on one wide, cushioned arm of the chair, my feet on the other. The rest of me rests on Papa. The newspaper blocks his face from view, but the vast pages vibrate in time to his pulse, and the ballplayer in the photo looks serious.

If you’re looking for a summer read, this is it. Duncan also has another incredible book, The River Why.


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In case you missed it, I posted a fictional short story last Friday, and I’ll be continuing it in a post this coming Friday. You can read the first part HERE.

I’ll also be reading some material at a writers’ retreat at God’s Whisper Farm in southern Virginia in the middle of July. You can attend the entire weekend or come just for the reading on Saturday night. Check out details about that HERE.

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