The Definition of the Christian Life in One Word

Today’s #100Words comes from Brennan Manning’s life-changing book, Ruthless Trust:

This book started itself with a remark from my spiritual director. “Brennan, you don’t need any more insights into the faith,” he observed. “You’ve got enough insights to last you three hundred years. The most urgent need in your life is to trust what you have received.”

That sounded simple enough. But his remark sparked a searing reexamination of my life, my ministry, and the authenticity of my relationship with God – a reexamination that spanned the next two years. The challenge to actually trust God forced me to deconstruct what I had spent my life constructing, to stop clutching what I was so afraid of losing…

At another point in the book, Manning asks someone if he could describe the Christian life in one sentence.

“Brennan,” the man replied. “I can describe it in one word. ‘Trust.'” Manning’s examination of “trust” in this book changed the way I live my life. I cannot recommend it enough.

Find out more about Brennan Manning’s book HERE.
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