Found: A Story of Questions, Grace & Everyday Prayer (#100Words)

bookLG-found2Today’s another installment in #100Words, the first 100 (or so) words of a book I’d like you to know about. Some of these books I’ve read, some I haven’t. Some I’ve received advanced reader copies, others I haven’t. Hopefully getting a quick glimpse into a book will motivate you to check it out a little further.

Today’s book is Micha Boyett’s beautifully written book, Found: A Story of Questions, Grace & Everyday Prayer. Here are the first #100Words:


Late November; Friday before Advent
   I zip my fleece and turn back from the doorway of our barely-lived-in bottom-floor apartment, my bag already slipping off my shoulder.
   “And don’t let him run down the sidewalk. Cars just come out of garages. They don’t even look…”
   “I know, babe, I know.” Chris is holding our eighteen-month-old son, August. He grins. I’ve already given my husband a ten-minute speech on our kid’s needs and the dangers of diaper rash. Now I’m just being ridiculous.
   “Okay.” I look in Chris’s eyes and breathe deep.
   “We’re good, honey.”
   “Yep. Okay. Yes.” I kiss August…
Check out Micha’s book HERE.
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