5 1/2 Questions With Killer Tribes’ Bryan Allain: An Exclusive Look Inside His Soul

After the Killer Tribes conference I sent Bryan Allain a list of questions about the conference he organized and successfully pulled off in Nashville, TN. He was kind enough to agree to this semi (not really) exclusive interview, in which many of his deepest, darkest secrets are brought to light.

If you were at the Killer Tribes conference, you’ll want to read this – it’s a glimpse inside the mind of the man who put it all together. If you weren’t at Killer Tribes, you should read this for the inside scoop on next year.

What was your favorite aspect of the Killer Tribes conference?

Seeing people meet in real life for the first time. I loved the fact that Killer Tribes was the place that friendships were formed and taken to the next level.

There are a few things I heard or learned that I can’t stop thinking about. What one point made by a speaker are you still mulling over?

The speakers as a whole brought such a great mix of practical and inspirational, and that was my biggest desire going in. So happy they all delivered like I hoped they would.

As for one point that stuck with me, I keep thinking about Daddy-O’s comment that we go to conferences so we know we’re not crazy. That was brilliant. Many of the people in your life might not understand why you blog or how it is that you can have so many online friends, and eventually they might make you start wondering the same thing. But then when you’re all gathered together and having a blast at a conference it all makes sense.

So basically you’re admitting that Daddy-O was your favorite speaker. Awesome. I can’t wait until Sarah Mae catches wind of this and breaks out a can of…

Anyway…when you made the final announcements and then released the happy hordes at the end of the day, were you more relieved that it was over or disappointed that it was over?

Neither. It was more a state of satisfied shock. I kept telling people throughout the day that it felt like I was sledding downhill at 100 mph. The experience was thrilling, fun, and (on some level) kind of dangerous. I had a blast all day and in the back of my mind was just hoping we didn’t hit any trees on the way down. So when we finally got to the end (in one piece) I was able to say, “wow, that was awesome!” I guess at that point I knew I wanted to do it again.

So you weren’t relieved OR disappointed. Whatever.

What’s one thing you would do differently?

Maybe have one additional breakout session in the morning? I’ve taken a bunch of notes on stuff that would be cool if I do it again, but I can’t share those because of non-disclosure agreements I signed with myself.

You are aware that non-disclosures never hold up in a court of law, right?

I don’t know if you know it or not, but the masses are calling for a follow up. What is the % chance there will be a Killer Tribes Conference in 2013? What are the main factors?

I’d say the chances are high. I want to do it, and I think most of the attendees would be up for another one, so that should ensure that it happens. As long as I can work out the logistics, expect the Killer Tribes sequel at the end of March / beginning of April 2013.

In the words of Harry from Dumb and Dumber…”so you’re saying there’s a chance.”

If you were at Killer Tribes, what was your favorite part? If you weren’t there, what were you disappointed to miss?

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  1. LOL!!! That’s right, watch out for that can. ;)

    Great interview Shawn!

    My favorite part was meeting people. My biggest regret is not going to lunch with everyone, I missed everyone leaving when I was in the back!

    1. I loved your talk, Sarah Mae. You spoke from the heart and left me with tons to think about regarding purpose. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I wasn’t there, but after having to listen to everyone talk about how awesome it was (which didn’t surprise me), I’ve made a vow to be there next year, no matter what. I have a ton of respect for Bryan for putting this all together. That’s a big dream that lot of people would have never made into a reality. Well done.

    I also have a lot of respect for hippos in the wild. Those things scare the crap out of me.

  3. I was there and it blew me away!

    Alright, how’s this for a highbrow assessment: I told my husband (who gets this analogy even if you don’t) that Killer Tribes was like the French Laundry of conferences. (You know, the $$$$ Napa restaurant famous for serving many small portions of top-notch dishes.) At KT Each speaker was so good I was disappointed when their time was up–it didn’t seem like long enough! But the next speaker was always so good I got over my disappointment pretty fast.

    Derek Webb’s fascinating insights into the music industry (and the implications for the rest of us) might have been my favorite. Or it might have been that lunch with Shawn, Maile and company :)

    Come on Killer Tribes 2013!!

  4. I loved meeting everyone. Everyone was really nice too. The only thing that bums me out is I didn’t get the chance to meet you Shawn!

  5. Every day something different hits me as my favorite speaker/point/message/takeaway. I’m still so energized from it that I just want to devote more and more energy toward all the amazing ideas that I got from each speaker, and connect with all the people I count as friends.

    But the two high points of my weekend where when I stood in the lobby at the Dave Ramsey show watched @skottydog and his wife and two kids scream “We’re Debt Free” the day before the conference, and then got to introduce my friend Lisa to Killer Tribes and watch her connect with so many super-cool people.

  6. I wasn’t able to go, due to travel costs vs. budgets (travel costs KO’d the budget). What I missed the most was being able to meet the people behind the blogs and forum posts I’ve been enjoying thanks to Killer Tribes.

    (I think we need some kind of special group rate/travel plan for us Canucks so we can get out there next year!)

  7. For me, it was like getting a seat at the Oscars. I kept thinking stuff like, “I can’t believe Tripp and Tyler are 8 feet in front of me!”, “I can’t believe I get to hear Sarah Mae’s voice in person (telling me that my name tag was on upside down)! “, “I can’t believe Jeff Goins is sitting right in front of me (or that he doesn’t notice that I’m putting gum on his chair!”, and “I can’t believe Christine Niles made my debt-free scream her first order of business in Nashville!”

    It was like being in a room full of celebrities that I was intimidated by, yet simultaneously felt as if they were long lost friends.

    Also, Jared Hollier’s announcement that he was incontinent was a high point for me!

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