Be Solely Responsible for the Demise of My Blogging Career…and Nine Other Reasons You Should Buy My New E-book

Today is an exciting day for me! My E-book, Building a Life Out of Words, is finally available! I wanted to try to tell you what it’s about, but then my friend Stacy Barton (author of Surviving Nashville) wrote this, and I love how she describes it:

sometimes you try something based on a hunch, you stride out, hopeful that your instincts are true.

so is the case with my friend shawn smucker’s book, Building a Life Out of Words. i had read his work on his blog, enjoyed his perspective on life, faith, writing and family…appreciated the lyrical quality of his words.  and so when he asked me to contribute to his latest project, i was downright glad.  he published two of my short non-fiction pieces in this book and today i finished reading the whole of it.  it was as lovely as i had hoped…as honest and as hopeful.  i cried at least three times at the beauty and purity of his struggle and his hope.

Building a Life Out of Words is the story of his early travels as a full-time writer – how he fell into it almost accidentally, but not quite.  it is about the difficulty we face when being true, and the possibility of hope fulfilled for those of us who persevere.  it is a compelling story.

You can save yourself some time and purchase it now for your Nook, your Kindle, or you can go HERE and purchase the PDF version to read on your computer. But if you need some more convincing, here are ten reasons you should buy Building a Life Out of Words:

1) It costs $3.99. You can get a box of cereal, or a Starbucks coffee, or one gallon of gas, or……you could purchase my book that contains over 25,000 words of hope and encouragement.

2) If you wish you were doing something for a living besides what you’re currently doing, this book might give you some ideas on how to begin making the transition.

3) If you’re a writer, the following alone makes it worth the price of admission: nine awesome contributors give practical advice about how to write for a living. Andi Cumbo talks about Kickstarter; Bryan Allain regales you with tales of aliens and roller coasters; Ed Cyzewski gives away his number one way of finding work; Jason Boyett talks self-promotion; Jeff Goins gives practical advice on where to begin; Jennifer Luitwieler is the reluctant PR master; Ken Mueller talks about life on the other side of a pink slip; Kristin Tennant reframes the introvert’s writing life; and Stacy Barton likes rejection. Sort of.

4) Going through a rough patch financially? During the time frame covered by this book, my wife and I were $50,000 in debt. Two and a half years later, we’ve almost climbed out. And not by pursuing wealth, but by pursuing our passions. This book tells the story.

5) Feeling stuck in one of life’s semi-comfortable ruts? This book might just give you the motivation to hop on out and live a more effective life.

6) Feeling financially behind your peers? Read about a writer (me), and you’ll automatically feel like Donald Trump! (Wait, that might not be a great reason…keep reading.)

7) If you’ve been following our trip in a bus named Willie, and you want to get some back story on what brought us to the place where we would travel around the country for four months with our four young children, you’ll find some explanations in these virtual pages.

8) Enjoy all the free posts I put on my blog? Show your appreciation! Buy a copy of my new E-book!

9) Despise all the free posts I put on my blog? Buy a bunch of copies and convince your friends to do so as well. Then I’ll be a millionaire, inherit all kinds of problems, get sued by loads of people, and become too busy to blog. You could be solely responsible for the demise of my blogging career! Go for it!

10) If you take the few minutes required to put in your info and buy this book, it might teach you a small lesson about patience. When you’re in your car later today, this small lesson on patience might keep you from engaging an idiot driver with hand gestures and profanity. By refraining from this exchange, you won’t get shot by this stranger in a fit of road rage. Don’t get shot by a stranger in a fit of road rage – buy my book.

Enough already! You can purchase my book for your Nook, your Kindle, or you can go HERE and purchase the PDF version to read on your computer.

Thanks! I hope you find the courage to build your life out of whatever fulfills you.

What’s that? You say that not only do you want to buy it, you also want to help me spread the word? You ARE generous! In that case, click on the Facebook “Like” button at the bottom of the page and share it on your wall. Or click the Twitter button and share it with the hashtag #BuildingALife.

26 Replies to “Be Solely Responsible for the Demise of My Blogging Career…and Nine Other Reasons You Should Buy My New E-book”

  1. I bought it because contrary to your observation gas is now more than $3.99 a gallon and I can’t afford it. So now I have something to pass the time with while I sit here and wait for a price reduction. Enjoying the account of your travels and Im wondering how much it costs to fill Willie up these days. Or maybe that’s a sore subject. :)

    1. Yes, we’ve been stuck with diesel prices as high as $4.29. Willie has a 150 gallon tank. I try not to do the math.

    1. Yes, I’m having trouble with the direct download so I’m emailing the PDF out as the orders come in. I’ve emailed your copies. Thanks again.

  2. #10 sounds like a Direct TV commercial. You better get that copywrited before they steal it.

  3. A clever list of compelling reasons to buy a new book, but you had me at #3 and then again at #5.
    I am hopeful that since this is not a book with binding, and is not able to be placed on the pile of must-read books that have been hovering by my bedside since 2006, that indeed I will finish what I start. And be ignited by what I read.

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Jeane. I really enjoy your writing! Also, if you become motivated towards a change that involves moving, this book will not take up any space in a box.

  4. SOLD! Almost . . . the Kindle link takes me to a page that says “This title not available for customers from the United States”. ‘Tis a puzzlement…

    1. Actually, all of Amazon Kindle is down right now. I’ll shoot you an email once it’s available again. Thanks, Ken!

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