Some Pictures From Inside the Bus Where We’ll be Living for Four Months

Thanks for stopping by. Let me show you around.

This is our dining room. The table turns into a bed, which will be mighty handy should any of you happen to come visiting and decide to spend the night. Can’t wait to chat with you about life and writing here.

Here’s the kitchen. There’s a small stove top opposite this sink. Not exactly gourmet-meal making quality, but check out Maile’s blog once the trip starts for her creative take on simple meals.

That’s the bathroom. There’s a small shower to the right. Enough said. (I leave the bathroom metaphors to Jen Luitwieler, whose book was just named an Amazon good read.)

Three bunks for four kids. But two of the kids are quite small. We’ll figure it out.

Our bedroom (and study…and refuge from the chaos…and place with mirrors which kind of reminds me of Hotel California).

And finally, the view from the back to the front. It’s a big bus. Am I ever so slightly nervous about driving it? Perhaps.

Watch out, America! Eight more days until this ship sails.

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    1. Oh and I have plenty of poo stories, so be ready. I’m thinking you guys might, too after a day or two on that thing.

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