Without These Kind Folks, Where Would We Be?

Writers often appear to be loners. I spend countless hours in front of my computer screen, trying to craft images and tell stories, most of the time by myself. But I also rely more and more on the help of others to bring my projects to fruition. Here are just a few folks I want to thank:

Jason McCarty, from Simple Blog Designs, gave my blog a makeover this past weekend. I’m really happy with the new look. If you’re looking for someone who can redesign your blog for a reasonable price, check out his website (which includes samples of his work) HERE.

Chad Thomas Johnston is one of the most creative people I know: writer, musician, graphic arts extraordinaire. He put together what I think is a great cover for my upcoming e-book, Building a Life Out of Words. I can’t wait to tell you more about this book in the coming weeks, but for now all I can say is that it should be available by the end of March. If you are looking for someone to design a quality, creative book cover for you, check out his page HERE. This is the cover he made for me, putting together most of the elements by hand. You can read about how he made it HERE:

Andi and her dad Woody made us feel like family during our stop in Bremo Bluff. If you get a chance, read Maile’s Thank You note to them over at her blog, and then check out the wonderful and important book project that Andi is working on.

So many of you have made the first two weeks of our trip possible: Pastor Gerry let us park in his church parking lot in Gettysburg, PA; the Fedicks let us get stuck in their ditch in Waterford, VA; the Kurtz’s opened up the gym of their kids’ private school in Harrisonburg, VA, so that our kids could run around and be crazy for a few hours; Maile’s brother Matt arranged for us to park Willie at the Y in Boiling Springs, NC; Maile’s mom found a spot for us to park Willie at the local fire station in Gastonia, NC (undoubtedly she bribed them with chocolate chip cookies). Then there were the Landis’s, the Pingry’s, and the Jackmore’s who hosted us and fed us and let us use their showers.

Later this week we head further south. For now, we’re all catching our breath and enjoying unlimited showers and unquestioned bathroom breaks (“Seriously? You have to go again? What?! Number two?!”).

Thanks for sticking with us during the first one-eighth of our journey! We appreciate all of you who are helping make arrangements or simply following along.

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  1. Shawn,

    Very excited about your visit! Our two year old is a bit young to understand (as Louis C.K. says…”He’s not making memories yet!”), but our 4 year old, Ryan, is excited to meet “the people in the big blue bus”! I love that you’re sharing your eloquent perspective from your trip as you go, so when you finally get here, I won’t have to ask, “So how has the trip been so far?”

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